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Landmines Still Kill in Turkey

26 March 2007

Though the government promised to clean up the landmines, an estimated 400,000 mines still lay in southeast Turkey, according to Reuters. The conflict between the government and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party started in 1984, and, though both sides have said they will not leave any more mines, they do.

Deaths and injuries have come to 533 since a ceasefire ended in 2004.

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Blast Kills Seven in Turkey

13 September 2006

Seven people were killed in the Kurdish region of Turkey when a bomb exploded and 17 others injured, according to CNN. Five of those killed were children. Two of those injured were seriously wounded, according to officials. The explosion was near an elementary school. It is possible that it was a bomb set by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a group fighting for regional autonomy.

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