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Four Employees Killed

16 April 2007

Four Afghan employees were killed in a suicide bomb attack, according to Yahoo. They worked for a US-owned security firm.

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Surge Just Helpful in Baghdad

14 April 2007

Though civilian casualties are down in Baghdad, according to Yahoo, they are up everywhere else in Iraq. The numbers are from an AP tally since February 14th.

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Explosion in Iraq Kills 18

8 April 2007

An explosion in Mahmudiya, Iraq, has killed at least 18 and wounded 28, according to BBC News. Police say it was a car bomb targeting supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr.

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Iraqis Say US Strike Killed Six

7 April 2007

A hospital and resident in Diwaniya say that six people were killed in a US strike there, according to Yahoo, including two children.

A U.S. spokesman said that “there was no collateral damage.”

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Bombing in Ramadi Kills 35

6 April 2007

A suicide bomber exploded a truck filled with TNT and chlorine in Ramadi, according to BBC News. At least 35 people were killed and fifty injured. The bombing was in a densely populated area, and it is thought that many of those killed were civilians.

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19 Shi’ites Kidnapped

2 April 2007

19 male civilian Shi’ites have been kidnapped, according to Reuters, after stopping at a fake checkpoint north of Baghdad. Police say the kidnappers were gunmen in civilians clothes but carrying automatic weapons. All 19 are from a Shi’ite village near Baquba. 14 policemen who were kidnapped from the same area a month ago were later found dead.

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199 Iraqis Dead Thursday

30 March 2007

At least 199 Iraqis were killed or found dead Thursday, according to, and 293 wounded. Among them were 53 killed and 103 injured in a series of bombings in Khalis. Also, two suicide bombers in Baghdad killed 76 and wounded over 100.

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Shi’ite Police and Militants Kill 70

28 March 2007

Shi’ite militants and police together went on a shooting rampage Wednesday against Sunnis, according to the Houston Chronicle, killing as many as 70. The shootings were in Talafar, and were in response to a bombing that killed 80 yesterday in a mainly Shi’ite neighborhood.

Relatives of the bombing’s victims were among the Shi’ites that broke into Sunni homes to kill people inside.

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Bombs Kill 50 in Talafar

27 March 2007

Two bombs in trucks killed 50 people in Talafar, Iraq, according to BBC News, and injured 125. One truck detonated at a food market. Talafar has been suffering from food shortages, and the driver waited for people to gather around his truck before detonating the bomb.

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Child Decoys in Baghdad

21 March 2007

Two children were used to allow militants to explode a car bomb in Baghdad, according to Yahoo. The driver was able to park close to a shopping center after pointing out two kids in the back seat of the car. The adults then left and detonated the car from a distance. Three to eight other civilians were killed, and more wounded.

According to the UN, at least 204 children were killed in Iraq in 2006, and 777 wounded.

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