Explosion in Iraq Kills 18

8 April 2007

An explosion in Mahmudiya, Iraq, has killed at least 18 and wounded 28, according to BBC News. Police say it was a car bomb targeting supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr.

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Iraqis Say US Strike Killed Six

7 April 2007

A hospital and resident in Diwaniya say that six people were killed in a US strike there, according to Yahoo, including two children.

A U.S. spokesman said that “there was no collateral damage.”

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Bombing in Ramadi Kills 35

6 April 2007

A suicide bomber exploded a truck filled with TNT and chlorine in Ramadi, according to BBC News. At least 35 people were killed and fifty injured. The bombing was in a densely populated area, and it is thought that many of those killed were civilians.

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Israel Plans Another Gaza Invasion

5 April 2007

Israel is planning to invade Gaza again, according to Al Jazeera, reportedly between April 15th and June 15th. Their concern is that Hamas is becoming too much like Hezbollah, and since action against Hezbollah was so incredibly effective last summer, they’re tackling Hamas this year.

About 400 Palestinians died during Israeli incursions into Gaza last year.

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Four Hostages Released

4 April 2007

Four foreign hostages abducted in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have been unexpectedly released, according to BBC News. The British oil worker, Dutch security manager, and two Lebanese construction workers were the only four being held in the region, though Chinese hostages kidnapped from the southeast are still being held.

Jonathan Goodluck, the running mate to the ruling party’s presidential candidate, is running on the slogan “End to hostage taking.”

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Battles in Somalia Kill 381

3 April 2007

The last four days of fighting in Somalia have left 381 dead and 565 wounded, according to Reuters. The government has advised civilians to leave their homes because the government may target where they live at any time. Salad Ali Jelle, the deputy defense minister, says that the government does not recognize the ceasefire negotiated between the Ethiopian military and clan elders.

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19 Shi’ites Kidnapped

2 April 2007

19 male civilian Shi’ites have been kidnapped, according to Reuters, after stopping at a fake checkpoint north of Baghdad. Police say the kidnappers were gunmen in civilians clothes but carrying automatic weapons. All 19 are from a Shi’ite village near Baquba. 14 policemen who were kidnapped from the same area a month ago were later found dead.

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Raids in Haiti Killing Children

1 April 2007

The UN peacekeeping force is apparently killing an increasing number of children in Cite Soleil, Haiti, according to the Guardian. One boy was killed while playing with a pink toy phone; UN troops said he was holding a gun.

Cite Soleil is known for its gang violence, but reportedly the gangs have ganged up against the peacekeepers. The gangs often kidnap, traffic drugs, rape, torture and kill people.

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Five Killed in Kashmir Attacks

31 March 2007

Five people were killed and four wounded in Indian Kashmir by Islamic militants, according to Yahoo. The attacks took place Thursday, in the Mathiyani Gala village, in the border district of Rajouri.

The 17-year insurgency has left 42,147 people dead, over a third of them civilians.

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199 Iraqis Dead Thursday

30 March 2007

At least 199 Iraqis were killed or found dead Thursday, according to Antiwar.com, and 293 wounded. Among them were 53 killed and 103 injured in a series of bombings in Khalis. Also, two suicide bombers in Baghdad killed 76 and wounded over 100.

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